About the Artist

Pamela Mujica is a jewellery designer and maker who was born in Chile and moved to Australia in 1996. She is the founder of PAMdesigned, a brand of wire crochet jewellery that uses the Peruvian stitch technique to create unique and artistic pieces with fine materials such as copper, silver and craft wire. Pamela learned the Peruvian stitch from Juan Pacheco, a sculptor who invented the technique in 1992. She is passionate about her craft and loves to share her skills and knowledge with others. 

Pamela is also a translator, a wine educator and a Sister at SisterWorks, a social enterprise that supports women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Pamela’s jewellery has been sold in stores in Chile and Melbourne, and has been featured at Melbourne Fashion Week. Pamela believes that jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is a way of expressing oneself and connecting with others.

What exactly is a Peruvian stitch 

A Peruvian stitch, commonly referred to as Peruvian Braided Lace or Punto Peruano, is a traditional technique known for its intricate and delicate patterns. While it typically involves creating loops and braids with lace to form ornate and open fabrics, when using wire instead of lace, the technique transforms into a method of weaving or braiding fine wire.

This adaptation, often used in jewellery making, allows for the creation of beautiful and durable designs for earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. The use of wire adds a unique, structural element to the delicate patterns, reflecting the rich textile heritage of Peru in a modern and sturdy form.

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