• Pamela Mujica is the owner of PAMdesigned, wire crochet jewellery

    Meet Pamela, the artist behind PAMdesigned

    Pamela Mujica is a Chilean wire crochet jewellery artist who uses the Peruvian Stitch technique. She learned this unique method of making loops from its creator, Juan Pacheco, a neo ancestral sculptor from Peru, in 2017. The technique was originally developed for making flexible and uniform sculptures, but now it is widely used in jewellery making in 75 countries.

    Pam works with Fine Silver 99.9% wire, upcycled copper wire and non-tarnish wire to create her stunning pieces.

    She became an entrepreneur at the age of 44 after giving birth to her beautiful daughter, who inspires her every day.

  • Wearing PAM jewellery

    Every piece I create is a reflection of my passion and dedication. I only use high-quality materials such as non-tarnish, Sterling and Fine silver wire 99.9%. I strive for excellence in my design, while knowing that beauty is subjective. I enjoy expressing myself through my art and having the flexibility to work from home with my children. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women appreciate and love my jewellery.