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Crescent Moon Earrings BIG SALE

Crescent Moon Earrings BIG SALE

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Silver Plated Oxidised Round Earrings - Crescent Moon Earrings

Pam’s travels have inspired her to work with talented artists from different cultures and backgrounds. Now you have the opportunity to purchase their unique and beautiful creations.

our "Crescent Moon Earrings," a celestial-inspired accessory designed to bring a touch of celestial charm and elegance to your look. These earrings capture the mystique of the crescent moon, symbolising change, growth, and the beauty of the night sky.

Celestial Elegance: The Crescent Moon Earrings feature a delicate and graceful design inspired by the crescent moon, a symbol of beauty and transition.

Comfortable Wear: Lightweight and designed for comfort, these earrings are suitable for extended wear, making them ideal for everyday use or special occasions.

Symbolic Meaning: Embrace the symbolic meaning of the crescent moon, representing growth, change, and the cyclical nature of life. These earrings are not just accessories; they carry a deeper significance.


  • Sterling silver hooks
  • Silver plated oxidised wire (half bottom)
  • Handmade with love
  • Super Light
  • Length 6 cm 
  • Diameter 5 cm

Note: oxidation colours varies in each earrings. 

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